Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it (8)

The end of the world has been  a constant worry of human beings. There has been a lot of times that were called “the time for the end”, but nothing happened. Now the newest prediction  is for 2012.. and guess what, it’s 2012 already!
The predictions about this end of the world are based on Maya’s prophecies. Maya’s seemed to be very certain about the events that will take place on the world, so now, why they will be wrong?. Their predictions say that on December 21st  this year will start a time when humans will have to reconstruct their consciences and leave behind all the materialism to start having an open minded point of view. This will be a way to stop the destructions that we are causing to this world. Is not going to be the apocalypse as some people think.
Maybe what’s gonna happen will be the appearance of some events that will force us to start seeing life from a different point of view. For example, global warming would increase, and people would be forced to change their minds, but for real.

I believe that this predictions can come true.  Maybe the humanity had had the constant need of mind change to keep this world alive. In that way the humanity has lived a lot of “ends of the world” like the beginning of civilizations, the invention of electricity, the 1st world war, etc.
Even though we don’t exactly know if something  it’s  going to happen on December 21st  I think I  will enjoy this year with no worries and I’ll try to have the best time of my life in case that everything that I know needs to be changed  after December 21st ..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How green I am

The truth is that I'm not as green as I would like to be. I'm not exactly a recycling girl, and I also don't try to skip the use of vehicles. But that doesn't mean that I don´t care about the issue of protecting our planet.
In fact, I do recycle: maybe I haven't got recycling bins, but everytime I can I try to save plastic bottles to recycle them after. I also helped sometime making “eco-bricks” and I always try to put the garbage into the recycling bins that are around the university.

About the use of cars, I don’t have my own car or bicycle, so everytime I want to get somewhere I don’t have many choices but to walk or take the bus or metro.
And I have to recognize that I’m a little bit lazy, so I always prefer to use wheels instead of my legs.

Another thing that I try to do is recycling newspapers and batteries with my family, but I don’t do it often cause I usually forgot to. And to reduce my carbon footprint, I stopped using spray deodorants.

But anyway, one of the things that I try to do all the time is to save water. I turn off the water when I’m not using it, for example while I’m taking a shower or washing the dishes.

I learned about these environmentally friendly practices through my parents, and on the net in a time when I was interested on environmental issues and when I was also thinking to join greenpeace. At the end I left the idea because I didn’t have enough time to compromise myself a hundred percent.

Anyway, I know that not all the people know how to be green or do something to protect the planet, maybe cause those people don’t have the possibility to get more information. I think in Chile the government should create more programs about environmentally practices.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The sense of life

What a profound thought!

There are some times of my life that I start to think about it. Of corse, I don’t have the answer for what is the sense of life.. at least not for most all the people. What I do have is my own vision about it.

I’ll say that for me, sense of life is actually living life. I live my life in a positive way, trying to enjoy every single moment and to learn about all the experiencies  I have, whether they are good or bad. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, that may not be clear sometimes but that you  can get to understand someday. But I don’t think that is a sort of “destiny”.. I mean, I think we live and every step we take lead us to something like “destiny” but that isn’t written already.  We change our “destiny” every time we decide to take one path than another .

At least I’ve been seeing things that way the last few years and somehow questions like “why am I here? Why do I live for? Why did this happen?” seem to be a little less tortuous.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Should we stay together for the children?

It is quite common that web searches for ‘divorce’ increase after Christmas.  And one of the subjects that is more asked is whether the couple should or shouldn’t stay together for the sake of their children.

Two specialists in the area, used to deal with divorcing couples all the time, gives an idea about the theme. They are Chris Mills, an integrative psychotherapist and collaborative family consultant, and Professor Peter Stratton, president of UKCP Research faculty and a systemic psychotherapist.

Stratton affirms that ‘sometimes divorce isn’t the end of the quarrelling for couples, it’s just the beginning of a whole new kind of war’ in order to refer to the influence that the conflict might provoke on children.  The main conflict of some couples may continue after divorce and the children will remain in the middle of it, making the option to stay together a better choice.

Otherwise, Mills says that to avoid damage for children parents should teach them about the conflict and how to handle it properly.  Having that in mind, to stay together just for the sake of children will be an act of dishonesty that would be taught to the children.

At the time, it becomes very important how parents manage the divorcing process, focusing on the knowledge that they want to transmit to their children about the divorcing situation and how to handle it.

The specialists suggest a list of practical things that can be put in practice with children, in order to help them to have a healthily process. All of them include the importance of honesty and confidence while telling the children about the divorcing thing and the importance of being careful with the new structures that are going to be introduced in children’s life. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Parallel Universes

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn't know exactly what it was..
While I was opening my eyes I suddenly had the weird feeling that I was a different person,  but I looked at myself, and noticed I was just the same as usual. I looked at every corner of my room too, and everything seemed to be normal. But the strange feeling didn't go away.
I went down stairs and talked to my mom like I do every morning, but she wasn't listening to me, and suddenly she screamed "get out of my view you idiot!".
"What is going on?", I asked to myself.
I decided to call my best friend and ask her if she knew something about what was going on. She asked the phone and immidiately said "Why the hell are you calling me?! We're not friends anymore!" and hung up.
I freaked out!
So I picked up my bag and went out of my house to look for answers. I suddenly realized too more weird things: that my home was in the opposite side of the street and the sky wasn't blue, but red.
I was so scared that I couln't think in anything else to do but run.
I didn't know how many blocks I had run through, when suddenly I stumbled with a big hole in the floor and felt into it. I scream as loud as I could while I was falling down. And Paf!

I woke up screaming. Everything was just dream! The night before I had watched a movie about parallel universes so I got to dream abou it. Then I told myself "Parallel universes doesn't exist", and came back to sleep.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do I see myself in the future

Most of the people have plans for their futures, of corse I have mine too.We often imagine what we'll be doing in 10 or 15 years, if we'll be married or single, with a big family or with no kids, having a cool job or being unemployed, etc.

Well, here are my plans for the future. I really want to be a Social Psychologist and work in social matters, developing social politics for countries that could possible help to make a better wolrd.
For that i'm planning to join diplomatic school after I get my university degree (yes, I want to be a diplomatic girl). I also want to build a school and develop an educational model, and maybe become a teacher.
I don't want to get married, even though I know I will probably do it anyway, but I do want to have a big happy family, including a cat that i'll call "Niguiri".
About social life, I know that i'll keep seeing my closest friends even if  we don't get to live in the same city ior country.

For all of those things, I see myself like this in 15 years time: I will have finished my career and also will have joined diplomatic school. I will be living in another country, and working in a ONG, developing social research and working on social politics for different countries. Also I'll have started to work on the development of a new school. I won't be married, but I will have a child and I will be living with my love partner in a lovely loft. And also I'll have kept in touch with my best friends.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Texts for Holidays

When I think about the past I can´t remember one single holiday in which I had to be reading school texts. Christmas, New Year, and specially summer time, at least in Chile, weren´t meant to be times of the year to think about next tests or reading some papers from Freud.
But this year we are changing champagne for redbull and cofee (to keep us awake), beaches for libraries, presents for books. And it's totally worth it!

We've fought for a better Public Education, and of corse that fight carries some consequences, like having this strange and short semester and less vacations.

I just expect not to die because of the heat and not having to take the exams on March. But most of all I hope I can get enough time to keep fighting for the cause.

Go students!