Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do I see myself in the future

Most of the people have plans for their futures, of corse I have mine too.We often imagine what we'll be doing in 10 or 15 years, if we'll be married or single, with a big family or with no kids, having a cool job or being unemployed, etc.

Well, here are my plans for the future. I really want to be a Social Psychologist and work in social matters, developing social politics for countries that could possible help to make a better wolrd.
For that i'm planning to join diplomatic school after I get my university degree (yes, I want to be a diplomatic girl). I also want to build a school and develop an educational model, and maybe become a teacher.
I don't want to get married, even though I know I will probably do it anyway, but I do want to have a big happy family, including a cat that i'll call "Niguiri".
About social life, I know that i'll keep seeing my closest friends even if  we don't get to live in the same city ior country.

For all of those things, I see myself like this in 15 years time: I will have finished my career and also will have joined diplomatic school. I will be living in another country, and working in a ONG, developing social research and working on social politics for different countries. Also I'll have started to work on the development of a new school. I won't be married, but I will have a child and I will be living with my love partner in a lovely loft. And also I'll have kept in touch with my best friends.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Texts for Holidays

When I think about the past I can´t remember one single holiday in which I had to be reading school texts. Christmas, New Year, and specially summer time, at least in Chile, weren´t meant to be times of the year to think about next tests or reading some papers from Freud.
But this year we are changing champagne for redbull and cofee (to keep us awake), beaches for libraries, presents for books. And it's totally worth it!

We've fought for a better Public Education, and of corse that fight carries some consequences, like having this strange and short semester and less vacations.

I just expect not to die because of the heat and not having to take the exams on March. But most of all I hope I can get enough time to keep fighting for the cause.

Go students!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I can´t die if I don´t visit Morro Do Sao Paulo

If you ask me about the places i'd like to visit in my life a lot of names will come to my mind. What about visiting Africa, or maybe go shopping to Chinese markets, or lay on the white sands of Bahamas. But there is just one place that I adore: Morro Do Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Even though I've already visited, is a place in the world that I must see again until I die.
Morro Do Sao Paulo is an island located just  near Salvador de Bahia, in Brazil. It is such an amazing place! It has a four beaches that suprise everyone with their white sands and turquoise waters. You can also find a small village, that has a shopping side, and other side where the people live.
I'd love to go and spend some time having a nice drink, laying in the beach, enjoying the hot water and having a nice conversation with some Brazilian.
I'd also love to go there with my best friends, cause I know we'd have such a great time, with all the places to visit, the amazing landscapes, and the great partys that you can find.
I definitely wish I can go there again someday.