Thursday, December 22, 2011

Texts for Holidays

When I think about the past I can´t remember one single holiday in which I had to be reading school texts. Christmas, New Year, and specially summer time, at least in Chile, weren´t meant to be times of the year to think about next tests or reading some papers from Freud.
But this year we are changing champagne for redbull and cofee (to keep us awake), beaches for libraries, presents for books. And it's totally worth it!

We've fought for a better Public Education, and of corse that fight carries some consequences, like having this strange and short semester and less vacations.

I just expect not to die because of the heat and not having to take the exams on March. But most of all I hope I can get enough time to keep fighting for the cause.

Go students!


  1. That's true! omg I can't believe that we are changing the beaches by the libraries!
    Damage! Good luck with Freud!

  2. 2 things:

    . Create a blog list with your classmates' links
    . Write the second post as soon as possible.