Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do I see myself in the future

Most of the people have plans for their futures, of corse I have mine too.We often imagine what we'll be doing in 10 or 15 years, if we'll be married or single, with a big family or with no kids, having a cool job or being unemployed, etc.

Well, here are my plans for the future. I really want to be a Social Psychologist and work in social matters, developing social politics for countries that could possible help to make a better wolrd.
For that i'm planning to join diplomatic school after I get my university degree (yes, I want to be a diplomatic girl). I also want to build a school and develop an educational model, and maybe become a teacher.
I don't want to get married, even though I know I will probably do it anyway, but I do want to have a big happy family, including a cat that i'll call "Niguiri".
About social life, I know that i'll keep seeing my closest friends even if  we don't get to live in the same city ior country.

For all of those things, I see myself like this in 15 years time: I will have finished my career and also will have joined diplomatic school. I will be living in another country, and working in a ONG, developing social research and working on social politics for different countries. Also I'll have started to work on the development of a new school. I won't be married, but I will have a child and I will be living with my love partner in a lovely loft. And also I'll have kept in touch with my best friends.


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  1. Javi I hope you can do all that you want! If you will live in another country.. make sure I will be visiting you frequently.