Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Parallel Universes

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn't know exactly what it was..
While I was opening my eyes I suddenly had the weird feeling that I was a different person,  but I looked at myself, and noticed I was just the same as usual. I looked at every corner of my room too, and everything seemed to be normal. But the strange feeling didn't go away.
I went down stairs and talked to my mom like I do every morning, but she wasn't listening to me, and suddenly she screamed "get out of my view you idiot!".
"What is going on?", I asked to myself.
I decided to call my best friend and ask her if she knew something about what was going on. She asked the phone and immidiately said "Why the hell are you calling me?! We're not friends anymore!" and hung up.
I freaked out!
So I picked up my bag and went out of my house to look for answers. I suddenly realized too more weird things: that my home was in the opposite side of the street and the sky wasn't blue, but red.
I was so scared that I couln't think in anything else to do but run.
I didn't know how many blocks I had run through, when suddenly I stumbled with a big hole in the floor and felt into it. I scream as loud as I could while I was falling down. And Paf!

I woke up screaming. Everything was just dream! The night before I had watched a movie about parallel universes so I got to dream abou it. Then I told myself "Parallel universes doesn't exist", and came back to sleep.

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