Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How green I am

The truth is that I'm not as green as I would like to be. I'm not exactly a recycling girl, and I also don't try to skip the use of vehicles. But that doesn't mean that I don´t care about the issue of protecting our planet.
In fact, I do recycle: maybe I haven't got recycling bins, but everytime I can I try to save plastic bottles to recycle them after. I also helped sometime making “eco-bricks” and I always try to put the garbage into the recycling bins that are around the university.

About the use of cars, I don’t have my own car or bicycle, so everytime I want to get somewhere I don’t have many choices but to walk or take the bus or metro.
And I have to recognize that I’m a little bit lazy, so I always prefer to use wheels instead of my legs.

Another thing that I try to do is recycling newspapers and batteries with my family, but I don’t do it often cause I usually forgot to. And to reduce my carbon footprint, I stopped using spray deodorants.

But anyway, one of the things that I try to do all the time is to save water. I turn off the water when I’m not using it, for example while I’m taking a shower or washing the dishes.

I learned about these environmentally friendly practices through my parents, and on the net in a time when I was interested on environmental issues and when I was also thinking to join greenpeace. At the end I left the idea because I didn’t have enough time to compromise myself a hundred percent.

Anyway, I know that not all the people know how to be green or do something to protect the planet, maybe cause those people don’t have the possibility to get more information. I think in Chile the government should create more programs about environmentally practices.

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  1. I think you're in the good way to be a green girl! Congratulations Javy! and, yes we can have some recycling bins ;)